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                          Do You Really Need A Hysterectomy?

For most, the answer would be a resounding “no!” but over 600,000 Hysterectomies are being performed each year in the United States and the statistic is growing.  Of course in certain conditions, a Hysterectomy is warranted, but for benign uterine fibroids, regardless of size and number, they can be removed safely laparoscopically. Utilizing just a few small incisions with a video camera inserted through the umbilicus (belly-button), patients can go home the same day of surgery with small, cosmetically-pleasing scars, avoiding hospitalization and large incisions, which require prolonged recovery time.  The entire uterus does not need to be sacrificed for fibroids alone. 

Here at TLC Women’s Health, Dr. Jonathan Y. Song performs both Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery andRobot-Assisted Surgery, reducing the need for the traditional abdominal approach which requires a large incision on the abdomen.  Whether it involves uterine preservation surgeries for fibroids (laparoscopic myomectomy) or ovarian preservation surgeries for large cysts (laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy), almost ALL Gynecologic surgeriescan be performed in this minimally invasive manner.  If a Hysterectomy is required, this too can be performed on an out-patient basis laparoscopically, for both Total (removal of cervix) and Supracervical (preservation of the cervix) procedures.  For patients who wish to have a sterilization procedure reversed, appropriate candidates can undergo a laparoscopic tubal reversal which can spare the expensive costs of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and can achieve pregnancy multiple times on their own.

From infertility, reconstructive reproductive surgeries, or second opinions regarding a Hysterectomy, the goal of TLC Women’s Health is to provide the highest quality health care for every woman through accurate diagnosis and skilled treatment in the most minimally invasive fashion.  We believe that being a good Gynecologic and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon combines a strong academic background, excellent diagnostic and surgical skills, a caring and gentle bedside manner and thorough communication skills.  

We believe team work is crucial in optimizing patient care, and we are here to work together with the patients’ physicians, where the patients will return to their doctors for care after the surgical consultation has been completed.  As a patient advocate team, we genuinely do care about the health and emotional well-being of every one of our patients.

Jonathan Y. Song, MD, FACOG, FACS